So yesterday I weighed in at 177 pounds. I didn’t lose or gain any weight. One thing I know is that I am no longer in that prison called fat. I am gradually moving away from it by the time you realize it, I will be jumping up.
On Sunday, we had a barbecue party at home. You know what it is like, nice weather, pork sausage, burger, buns, fizzy drinks, roasted plantains, cakes, jollof rice and other sweet treats. I did good controlling myself, I had one piece roasted burger meat with 1 serving
spoon of rice and my water melon. I made  juice off my water melon. It was lovely and very tasty.In the morning before service I did 300 skips and 100 squats with my dumbbell. And this night I will have to skip 500 with other strength training. I’m happy on how good I’m doing.

  • breakfast: 3 egg white with one yolk + i toasted wheat bread
  • snack: an apple
  • lunch: 1 serving spoon rice with 1 roasted burger meat
  • snack: rice crackers with peanut butter (plain groundnut paste)
  • dinner: carrot and dip


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