Calories in Garri (Eba)

Calories in Garri (Eba)

Garri also known as Eba is a very popular food among Nigerians. Garri is made from cassava, after a going through some process the end product is called Eba/garri. Normally it can be smoked (lol) i.e. drinking it with water, sugar, peanut, coconut, or even milk. Also it can be eaten with soup. For someone trying to lose weight, you have to reduce how you eat garri/eba, well everything must be in moderation.
This is why:
Considering that the main source of eba/garri is cassava, 99% of it, is carbohydrate and 1 cup contains roughly 363 calories. How many cups are in the wrap you eat daily? also calculate the calories in the soup or if you are drinking it, the calories in sugar, coconut, milk or peanut.
We cannot run away from our local food but we have to cultivate the habit of eating in moderation.


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