From Plain to Delish…………

From Plain to Delish…………

My taste bud is always, I mean always busy trying to taste something different each time. I love the kitchen as well as creating exciting recipes. I’m not a fan of cold food because I have a sensitive teeth, the thought of eating any cold stuff scares me. Well, last week I posted a recipe of HEALTHY BANANA ICE CREAM I only had it twice and it practically killed my teeth and the pain was just unbearable.

So I was thinking of a way to enjoy something that looks like ice cream without experiencing pain. Yogurts are cold but not as cold as ice cream, normally I like my yogurt at room temperature. I had options of what to do to my plain yogurt:

  • Adding fresh fruits to natural plain yogurt
  • Adding a little bit of sweetener and nuts
  • Or adding some kind of spice to it…etc

The only spice that came to my mind was ….CINNAMON.  I added 1/2 cup of plain yogurt, a teaspoon of sweetener, sprinkle some cinnamon and gave it a stir…………it was off the hook. It has this fresh taste better than ice cream.

TIPS: yogurts are healthy and good for breakfast or even snack. You will be amazed to what you can do with them…

  • It can serve as salad dressing
  • Add fresh fruits or nuts to it and its yum yum
  • Use it to thicken your soup
  • As a dip, as cake icing
  • In pancakes, sandwich, smoothie, Parfaits, wraps, purees …..the list is just endless

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