Weight Loss Success Story: Folu

Weight Loss Success Story: Folu

Another WLB group member Folu has proven that even motherhood shouldn’t stop you from losing weight.
1. About myself, family & job:
My name is Folusho Adefisoye from a family of 5 kids, 3girls and 2 boys. I am from Osun state, Nigeria .Married to bff ‘mide. We are blessed with two angels’ nife and tolu.
Am an engineer (chemical) by profession
2. How long and my ideal goal: 
It has taken me 7months to go from (240-184.5) plus baby weight .My ideal goal is 150lbs. that is 108 kg to 83 kg (a total loss of 25 kg)

3. My motivation:
Before my 2nd pregnancy I weighed over 200 lbs., my doctor detected high sugar in my 2nd trimester. I was placed on medication and was told to do stress test twice a week. I had to meet with a nutritionist 3 times a week to help me with my calories intake and how to eat clean. I can never forget how stressful it was during pregnancy to move around, the pain, and the weight and how my doctor was so disappointed in me caused have gained so much after my first baby. He told me if I want be to around for long, i must lose weight and also the high sugar can lead to diabetics. I love to look good. It was difficult for me to get something that fits well.
4. What kept me on track: 
After dropping few lbs., I feel good, lighter. People noticed the changes. I started going out more, my confidence came back. I said to myself I can’t stop.
5. My typical day(exercising & eating):  
I take my breakfast before my morning routine ( I used to go to the gym but now I skip/jump rope at home).I love taking protein after my workout. My heaviest meal is my lunch I take it btw 3-4pm depending on my calories and carbs. I prefer light dinner btw (6.30-7pm), bowl of fruits, soup, salad or shake .I do my crunches before going to bed, makes me sleep better.
6. D biggest difference: 
My face is slimmer, lost significant inches around my waist, my shoe size changed and I dropped from US size 18 to 10/12
7. How do I keep the weight off:
I don’t skip meals except when am fasting, I eat in bits, and no more junks.
8.  What other diet have I tried:
I tried Green world in 2010
9. Advise to others losing weight: 
There is no two ways about. Exercise is a must and if you want to live long, you have to start now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
10. Popular slogan:
Your body is the Temple of the living God. Treat it Right.

well done Folu, keep it up…….guys its achievable once you put your mind to it


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