Starting Over November

Starting Over November

So I’ve gotten a lot of email regarding taking on a routined plan. I hate routines but I should give this a try. According to her (my challenger) one can lose up to 7kg in 2 weeks. Here’s a warning to anyone trying out this.
I’m a strong believer in eating while losing weight (making healthier food choices and eating in moderation) however, this is very new to me, sticking to few meal options. The disadvantage is mood swing, hunger, tiredness etc. If you’re pregnant, breastfeeding or ill

Nevertheless, If you want to see result you MUST follow this judiciously. It’s just a 2 weeks detox plan.

Here is a link to a healthier challenge:
Meal list for the challenge are green tea (any brand), eggs, cabbage, fresh tomatoes, fish, chicken,apples, carrots, cucumber, sweet potatoes and oatmeal.
DAY 1 Meal Plan
Breakfast: green tea (drink as you like, no milk) with half cucumber
Lunch: cabbage and tomato salad (use lemon or lime for dressing) with 2 boiled eggs (egg both white and yolk)
Dinner: a sizeable or 200g of grilled or boiled fish with cabbage/tomato salad.
-Drink nothing less than 4 litres a day
-30 minutes mild exercise daily 5 days a week
-Eat nothing but what’s on the food time table. Salad portion is a bowl

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