April Challenge Begins

April Challenge Begins

April challenge officially started yesterday 5th April. Record your weight, measurement and body shots. My fruits are ready, I’m freezing them. Strawberries, grapes, ginger, chopped mangoes and apple (soak your apple in lemon juice if you’re freezing it so it doesn’t change colour), my green vegetables, protein for lunch are ready


Challenge Strategy Stay hydrated One green smoothie a day  – plan your meals Get in more fiber (green veggies and whole grain) Stop late eating No junks Easy on nuts Exercise (warm up, stretch and cool down) Have a rest day Use smaller plate Push yourself Stay positive Be patient Don’t self sabotage yourself  – snack on veggies Record your meals

It’s a lifestyle not a quick fix10417820_622502167881293_4284331831542427789_nMonday workout 50 jumping jacks 40 high knees 30 squats 20 sit ups 50 jumping jacks 40 high knees 30 squats 20 sit ups 1 minute plank Repeat 3 times (the jumping jack challenge is included in the workout) Make sure you squat very well, no pain no gain. Tell your brain you can


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