To effectively control your food portion, measuring cup and spoons are very handy even when counting calories. Continuous use of these helps in recognising portion size when eating out. People always ask me, how did you manage to lose 73 kg? Is it possible? yes, its very possible. Its very easy and simple to get
calorie content in food online or via mobile apps but we always tend to underestimate the calories we consume daily. I use measuring cups and spoons always, I don’t count calories. I study calories in food to be knowledgable about whats in what.

These tools are very handy, don’t try to underestimate them. Imagine eyeballing butter or oil when cooking, you will hardly get it right if you don’t measure. Keep your measuring tools in the kitchen so it will be at your reach.

  • Make sure your cup and spoon is level when measuring, don’t heap or over load them. Those will count as extra portion.
  • If after measuring you feel that your meal is too small compared to what you normally eat, swap your big plate for a smaller one so they look bigger on small plates. This way you won’t be thinking that you are eating less.
These tools are important in weight loss but you can’t possibly carry them around everywhere. You cannot reply on them when you are eating out but they help you visualize true serving size. Over a period of time, you will get used to what a normal serving size should look like.



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