I’m eager to tell you what ups with the USN TOTAL BODY MAKEOVER REVIEW. The question everyone is waiting for is HOW IS IT?

Well, today is day 8 and its been interesting. From last weeks post on this, I stated my weight and body fat percentage as:


  • Starting weight: 68kg
  • Body fat percentage: 23%
  • Body water: 58%


  • Weight: 67kg
  • Body fat percentage: 21.5%
  • Body water percentage: 58.8%

My thought so far on the products:


Phedra-Cut (20 sachets in a pack): ENERGISING WEIGHT CONTROL DRINK

I noticed the Phedra-Cut help control hunger and increase energy. Day 1 I honestly couldn’t remember if I had eaten because I wasn’t hungry and I had. If care isn’t taken, you might go a whole day without eating.  Make an effort to plan your meal, healthy meal and snack. I’ve been eating healthy too, Breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner. Don’t think that its okay to ignore eating because you’ll lose the weight, food is an important aspect of weight/fat loss.

This is taken 2 to 3 times daily 30 minutes prior to meals or snack.

However, been a none sweet tooth person, the drink is kind of sweet for me. It was a struggle getting it down the first day, having followed instruction based of the quantity of water to use for a pack. Day 2, I increased the water and it was okay.


Diet fuel ultralean

The DIET FUEL ULTRALEAN SHAKE is what I call a meal on its own. Yeah, it can be used as a high protein snack or meal replacement, supports muscle recovery and no after taste. It assists lean muscle maintenance, high in dietary fibre and protein. Per serving contains 25g of protein

Another way to use this is to add in your smoothies, I like protein shakes for one reason- getting in more protein without chewing anything. I get tired of chewing food sometimes, eg. chewing down on fish/chicken and co for more protein. This shake is great for breakfast after a good High Intensity workout.



This is for advanced lean body mass toner. With a good workout routine, you can get better result. I’m getting in more strength training – body weight or with weight because I want a leaner/ toned body. Remember, the plan is to reduce my body fat percentage not just losing weight. The taste isn’t bad,

I’ve taken before picture, which I’ll be posting with current picture at the end of the review. I will make short workout video of what type of workout I do and my meals.

Remember, to lose fat/weight, you need to eat healthy portioned meal with exercise. It’s not easy, but if you want it, you’ll make it happen.


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