I remember having a discussion with my hair stylist last year. It was about balancing life with work, truth is I get so busy that I let myself go. Letting myself go in ways like not minding how I dress and lack of concern about meeting people if it isn’t work. Like zero social life and guess what, I was perfectly okay with that. My stylist was advising me on the need to have a balance life, not losing myself while pursuing my dreams. I get all the talks; I’m a trained human resource manager so I understand the need for balance. Yet I did nothing about balancing my life.

My mistake was trying to find that balance instead of creating it. Balance is not something you find, its something you create. Last year was just about healthy living and business; this year will be different because I’m ready to make conscious effort to create the balance I need to have wonderful life.

I will take more care of me, learn how to dress up aside wearing my workout clothes and learn how to make up (lol). I’ll go out more, meet and learn from people. I will give more time to ensure my mom lives a healthier life, as she’s getting older.

I have other personal goals that I’ll work on this year.

Not resolution, only goals What is/are your goals for this year?


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