I have been overweight for a long time and two years ago I decided it was time to change. Well, the decision wasn’t  (lol) entirely mine. I was dragged into it but guess what, I’m loving it all the way.
I have decided to write about my weight loss journey, hopefully it will help me stay on track and get to my final goal. As well as  help motivate others who want to lose weight but doesn’t know how to. Losing weight is not easy but with support and dedication, it is achievable.
People have loss weight through surgery, taking pills or the all natural way. My journey is natural and gradual, I will be posting my journey, recipes, photos and maybe more……….
Two years ago I weighed in at 22 stone, which is 308 pounds/139.7kg. So far am doing well, and I want to share with you guys how I did it.

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