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The First Step

The First Step

Going on this journey was something I never expected to do, although I tried couple of times with my sisters but failed. I tried starving but it never worked, I always see myself going back to the beginning.  As long as I can buy clothes that fit then that’s perfect. The thing about gaining weight is, you never realise the gains until you start buying bigger dress sizes. I kept telling myself size doesn’t matter but let’s face it, it does matter.
It was ending 2010, I came back to Nigeria wearing a whooping jean size 24/26. My mum was disappointed seeing me. Well like me, I couldn’t be bothered; as long as it’s my body then everyone else should mind their business. My mum kept making fun of my size, trying to see if I will get angry and maybe try losing some weight. That didn’t help, all I did was laugh at her jokes. She was surprise that nothing anyone said could get me to lose weight. I can remember telling her it’s in the gene; she agreed but asked me to try. I told her I will think about it which I never did and she didn’t give up on me.

One faithful morning, after morning devotion she called me and said to  me “pee pee, can you do me a favour, (in my mind, I was like: what again) I asked her “what”?. She said promise me you will at least try, I said try what. She said promise me, I was like okay, “I promise I will at least try”. Then she handed me a piece of paper with a meal plan and for good 20 minutes I was staring at it. I asked her “who on earth eats like this”. She started laughing. She said, that’s how you will eat  for the next one month and then I looked at it again. In the entire 7 day meal plan I only had to eat rice once and guess what, it was 4 tablespoon of it. I felt beaten but I was only going to try it out for a month.
That morning, she made me breakfast. A dry toasted wheat bread with tomatoes, I nearly cried but I had one month in my mind. The next thing, she got me skipping rope and lectured me on how effective it is. I was big but not lazy to move around.
The first day, I did 500 skips and wow, I felt great. Then the following day she added more workouts for me and made me breakfast, lunch and dinner. She made it a point of duty that I drank up to 5liters of water daily, 1 to 2 litres early morning. Oh I didn’t tell you guys that the scale was never my friend. We were enemies but that faithful morning I knew that a bridge is being built to close the gap, I could not longer run away from weighing myself. It was that day that I knew I weighed almost 139.7kg/140kg.
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After a month trial of the meal plan, I was down 7kg. I saw changes, my jeans were lose and I was loving it so I decided to continue. It was time for me to seriously put my mind and body into achieving my goal, I didn’t feel like I had to be pushed again, but I was willing to do whatever it takes and how ever long it will take.  30 days later I loss another 4kg added to the 7kg making it 12kg total. If you have tried losing weight before, you will understand how hard it is to lose just 1kg. I felt so great and motivated to continue to living a better lifestyle.
Believe in yourself, you can do it


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