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My Weight Loss Strategy

My Weight Loss Strategy

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Routine! routine!! Routine!!!…………I hate routines, eating the same food every time, doing the same workout daily. I get bored doing same thing. The only way to lose the fat without depression over the rigid food timetable my mum gave me was to read, research and try out new things.
The questions I asked myself was:
  1. What can I do differently?
  2. What strategies can I use?
  3. What type workout can I do to avoid excess saggy skin after weight loss?

I research on food, portions, calories, carbohydrates, healthy alternatives to everyday foods. Coming up with a plan that works for me was important because I really didn’t want to starve myself just to lose fat/weight. I bought a calorie counting book. I read it trying to figure out calories in foods that I might love eating.  I wrote down couple of foods like, sweet potato, egg whites, vegetables, nuts, fruits etc. But the most important thing was moderation because every calorie counts and counting calories for each meal will drive me nuts. If I was to succeed, it has to be gradual and exciting.

The second thing I did was to keep a food journal where I record everything that goes into my mouth (hard work but it was worth it). Be it one piece of biscuit, it helped me in keeping track of my meals and review them weekends.
The next thing I did was find fun workout that worked for me. I had to always keep moving. If I’m watching television, some part of my body must be moving, I walked and walked and walked. I love walking from the very day I realised it was a great exercise. It was so fun that I bought a pedometer; it counts my steps, calories that I burned walking and by the time I get back home, instead of stuffing cookie in my mouth I will take a long cold shower then sleep. Apart from walking, I tried gym but it was totally boring. I went home and continued with my skipping, walking and eating healthier.
By August, I left 9ja feeling better and happier but I decided to stop and see if I could maintain the weight. And I did maintain it for like a year that’s August 2011 then I had to continue form where I left. I can tell you that losing weight was not easy for me, making better choices of food and drinking only water. I keep changing my strategies whenever I hit plateau, I still have treats but has not all being perfect, I did fall off the wagon but I pick myself up and kept moving.

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