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Beware Of Diet Saboteurs

Beware Of Diet Saboteurs

You might have heard lines like this:
“You are doing so great”
“You are looking too skinny”
“Come on love, eat more I want some meat on my baby”
According to research, knowingly or unknowingly, these people are trying to sabotage your diet. Almost all those that diet find themselves in toxic nutritional environment according to David L. Katz author of The Way
to Eat. People might throw you off your diet. Lines like:

  • I think you are losing weight too fast and that can’t be healthy for you.
  • Don’t you like my food?
  • You can’t eat Chinese because you are on diet (this occurs mostly among co-workers or friends on an outing).
  • You eat dinner with me anymore, oh.. You don’t love me anymore.
  • Only one pie is left, do you want it or party leftovers?
  • It’s your birthday common have a piece of cake, it won’t hurt.
  • Since you lost those weights, you are no longer funny.

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But why do people really sabotage?
Maybe your husband wants the old you back; maybe he is scared of losing you once all those weight are gone. Some might think or believe that if the woman remained fat she won’t flirt so they try to sabotage her diet. Scared of your wife/spouse leaving you, some people just don’t want you to lose weight and become better than they are. It is possible that you can also sabotage yourself. The first step of handling diet sabotage is by recognising it, do not give up or do not overreact. Here are some strategies to try:

  • Just say no, thanks
  • Keep food journal
  • Look for support; join a weight loss group or a weight loss journey blog. (skinny people doesn’t know what it feels to be big so look for those are trying to lose weight for support).
  • Don’t assume the worst; some people’s way of showing love is by offering you food. So explain to them.
  • You don’t have to finish a plate of meal.
  • Take responsibility of your body by adapting to a healthier lifestyle

I have been in that position before, they make you your favorite meal once they know you are on diet. they just crash you knowing that at that point, you have no will power.


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