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Help on Quitting Junk Food

Help on Quitting Junk Food

We all know healthy food is the best for us but we have problems keeping away from junk. Willpower hasn’t helped me over time. My main junk food is plantain chips which I always buy from an Indian shop around.Once I start, I don’t stop, sometimes it gives me sore in my mouth but I found it difficult to quit.


100g of plantain chips contains 33.6g fat, 519 calories, 2.3g protein and 58.4g of carbohydrate. Calorie breakdown: 56% fat, 43% carbs, 1% protein.

Some helpful ways of quitting junk:

  • What is your reason for wanting to quit junk food? You need to have a reason to quit because if you don’t, the junk will over power you.
  • Write your reason down on a paper and view it daily. Thereby constantly reminding yourself what your goals are.
  • Quitting junk means changing your lifestyle so it’s important to plan yourself. Go food shopping, have a list of what you want to eat.

Ask yourself ahead of time maybe weekend:

  1. What food will I eat?
  2. What will you eat at work?
  3. What will you cook?
  • Make sure you  prepare and cook your meals for work too or you will end up eating rice and stew packed with oil or junks.
  • Believe in yourself; don’t think that quitting junk food is easy because it’s not. It’s a gradual process. It’s important to understand that by making healthy choices, you are giving your body what it needs.
  • Be active, you don’t necessarily have to register in a gym, get workout DVD, or skipping rope.  In order to change your body shape while eating healthy, I suggest you do cardio and  strength training. Take a walk, climb the stairs or dance, all these are exercise that works. You don’t have to spend hours working out, 30mins 3 times a week combined with your healthy food portion is what will show you results. Don’t think that it is ok for you can eat junk and workout 3 hours that it is ok, thats pure self  sabotaging.
  • Choose a healthy environment. Your environment can affect you eating habit. Banish all form or type of junk food from your house, say no to Mr Biggs and Co. what is the most important thing to you, winning or losing its entirely up to you.
  • Healthy food shouldn’t be about eating carrot or cucumber. Make your food tasty, even more tasty than junk. The secret is do you know how to cook. I’m not among those that believes losing weight must be feeding on salad. I don’t want to spend my entire life eating grass. So people, enjoy food. If there is something you want to cook but don’t know how to make it tasty, please drop a comment or contact me.
  • A little junk food doesn’t kill. You don’t have to ban it from your life. I love baking and when I do, I sure do have some piece. As long as you eat 90% of healthy food, you are great. What I do is, during the week, I eat all healthy but Saturday or Sunday I can decide to have one cupcake or my chips, though not every weekend. Once you start eating healthy, your taste will change. Most times when I eat little junk, I get sick because my body no longer wants it.
  • Lastly, control yourself. Temptation will come just remember why you want to quit eating junk. Which one do you want? Having junk or living a healthier life. If you think you don’t care, in future you will care.

    Remember “what you do not know might be killing you slowly”


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