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Why Weight Loss Sucks

Why Weight Loss Sucks

Losing weight is great, for your health, confidence and you will be happier. Losing weight improves ones quality of life. Having lost 63kg, I can tell you that sometimes losing weight sucks Ha ha ha ha ha. Here are some reasons why I think it sucks:

  • Cardio: to succeed in losing weight, I have to do cardio and I hate it because I find it very boring. I have tried to conquer the boredom but I am yet to win.
  • Change of wardrobe: since losing weight, I no longer fit into my size 24/26 clothes. I have had to send them to charity, and I have to shop for new clothes which are not cheap. Recently I started selling them off online.
  • Annoying people: funny enough, people who complained about my weight are now saying that I have to lose more that it seems am putting on the weight back…..hello, I know what my scale says so please and please leave my life alone.
  • If you are the outgoing type then, losing weight might suck big time for you because your friends might find you in- social. Meaning that you might not want to go out often with them anymore, you might be tempted to eat more calories. Try and keep your friends while you lose weight, you don’t want to lose both lol.
  • You will spend a lot of time figuring out what to eat, preparing it and working out. Like me that blogs about my weight loss, am under constant pressure to prove to my readers that am actually doing what am saying by losing the pounds. I will have to be taking pictures at some stage to proof am actually losing it. So it’s more like: do what you preach. Blogging takes time and so does weight loss.
  • Going on diet, losing weight might be expensive; sources of lean protein like chicken, fish and tofu are not cheap. Some people that use protein powder know that it is not cheap as well.
  • Buying workout equipment for home gym is not cheap and gym membership is not cheap as well.
  • Changing your wardrobe is not cheap; eating healthier is totally not cheap. But it’s all worth it, you just take it as an investment.

Don’t allow these crazy reasons of mine scare you away from your journey to losing weight. Losing fat and weight will totally change your life. These reasons cannot be compared with the reasons for losing weight. Once you start losing weight, believe me, you will not want to go back to the old you.


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