Losing Arm Fat (AKA Christian Mother’s Arm) – HEALTH & HEALTHY COMPLETE LIVING
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Losing Arm Fat (AKA Christian Mother’s Arm)

Losing Arm Fat (AKA Christian Mother’s Arm)

Losing arm fat is as difficult as losing thigh fat, popularly known as christian mothers arm (I wonder why). It is very impossible for diet alone to beat arm fat but you must incorporate a lot of things in order to beat it. I’m blessed with arms, in fact it was another thigh (lol).
Below are some of the things i did to combat my arm fat:

  1. Diet: your diet must be on point, meaning having a clean diet. Your meal should contain low saturated fat, slowest digesting carb like legumes, protein, healthy fat and vegetable.
  2. Cardio: regularly do cardio exercise for 30mins, lets say 3 times a week
  3. Use dumb bells for exercise, a lot of ladies are scared of dumbbells but they are my best tool for working my arms and no you wont be like a man using it.
  4. Push ups are great as well. it has really help me in burning arm fat. i challenged myself to 50 push ups for 30 days and you wont believe the result i got.
  5. Water, water and water: drink up, by increasing your metabolism, you burn more burn and also flush out toxins from your body. Water is very vital in order to keep yourself hydrated.
There is really no short cut to getting a perfect arm. If you want to wear tank top, be prepared to work hard.

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