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Excuses that are making you fatter

Excuses that are making you fatter

We tend to¬†make excuses whenever it comes to our¬†weight and this is why we¬†still remain fat. I’ve made annoying excuses, now when I replay them in my head, it feels stupid.
The truth is that the more I made excuses the more I got bigger. Some of these excuses I made are: 
  • Its genetics:¬†you can say fat runs in my family, some are fat while others aren’t.¬†We got fat because we eat too much without burning any. Its more like a cycle, we didn’t know better, overeating is kind of normal. when one person eat 2 portions of food, what did we expect to happen?¬†¬†
  • I have big bones: ¬†big bones or not, if you are overweight you are and there is no two ways about it. The fat percentage in our body has nothing to do with out bone. If you doubt this, go and check your body fat percentage to determine the amount of fat you carry around.
  • I’m too busy: maybe you have kids, busy job. If you value your health then losing weight should be a priority. Your health should be more important than your job, if you die or fall sick as a result of obesity, will your job wait for you?¬† Obesity kills, do you want to take care of your children and forget yourself? If you die early because of obesity related illness, what will happen to them?
  • Food makes me happy: seriously? Food?¬†Most things we eat because of our emotions, we eat when we are happy, sad or celebrating or we¬†eat too much because of greed and selfishness. Emotional eating is a serious issue that leads to eating disorder and obesity.
  • I’ve always been big: so what? The only constant thing in life is ¬†change, changing to a¬†healthy lifestyle is definitely a wonderful thing, get up and do something. I was very tiny growing up, from tiny to fat then overweight. Well I’m taking charge of my life in that area.
  • Weight loss is expensive: if it‚Äôs expensive try living with¬†diabetes or hypertension. Vegetables like Ugu, Okro, beans, fish, chicken just check out local farm market are inexpensive, all you have to do is cook healthier, eat moderate portion and exercise.
The earlier you start the better for you.


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