Belly fat

Belly fat

Who doesn’t worry about belly fat?
Thanks to body magic or shape wear, some women can hide it but what about men? What about those that no amount of body magic can hide theirs. I use to have a lot of belly fat but not anymore not that I now have six packs hahaahahaah.  My over consumption of rice contributed greatly to my huge belly fat. Rice is not bad but overeating it alongside fizzy drink, biscuits, bread, cake, pasta and refined sugars are the major causes of belly fat. When I cut down my rice intake, my tummy drastically went down. Try cutting down any white food for 2 weeks and see it for yourself.
Stress can lead to overeating, sometimes when one is stressed; they turn to food for comfort.
You can’t sit down and gain flat tummy, you have to be active. 30 minutes exercise daily, like 3 times a week is not too difficult if truly you desire a good body.
The only remedy to reducing belly fat is through changing your diet, lifestyle as well as exercising. Done spend time working out and then grabbing a box of cookie the next seconds, you are not fooling anyone but you.

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