Introduction to Weekly Habit challenge

Introduction to Weekly Habit challenge

A lot of us are stuck on this weight loss thing. Maybe due to circumstances, environment or you are finding it hard starting or continuing in your journey to loss more weight. People walk up to me asking how did I did/do it; they ask how I stay motivated. We fall and rise, starting over and never loss any weight.
Losing weight is not easy, let’s be truthful now, it is very challenging.
There is no magic pill, wand, recipe or potion that can make one lose weight. If there was,  believe me everyone will be slim. The secret to losing weight lies on eating healthy food portion and moving more.  Sounds easy right? But why is it difficult to do. Maybe we want everything to change at once, impatience and fast track life. It is a huge step to changing your life style but it is even harder maintaining it. I spent 6 months maintaining my first weight lost and it wasn’t easy at all.
Now you might ask: what should I do? How do I go about it?
Enter my weekly habit change challenge and understand how easy it is to change your habits weekly. You try one thing per week then move to second week until 15 to 16 weeks. These habits will help you in moving to a healthier you and also in losing weight. Try, don’t just sit and wait for the habit to change. Don’t just say you can’t do it when you have not tried. Losing weight is entirely a choice that only you can decide when you want to do it but the earlier the better.
I will be posting a new habit, I will do this every Monday until the 15 or 16th week. You will have to focus on only one habit all week. If you continuously do it without sabotaging yourself, then you will lose weight. The ball is in your court. If you want results don’t shoot yourself in the leg. Just try it.But before you start this challenge, I will like you to pencil down the advantages and disadvantages of you losing weight. If the advantage is outweighs the disadvantage then you are good to go but if your disadvantage is more, I suggest you see a counsellor to discuss your health issues.
In this challenge, you don’t need to have a set goal, just commit every week to the habit set. I will encourage you to join in this challenge, drop a comment. If you need help ask for it because if you don’t, no one knows that you need help. Just prepare yourself for the challenge.

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