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WEEK 5 HABIT CHALLENGE: Control Your Late Night Eating

WEEK 5 HABIT CHALLENGE: Control Your Late Night Eating

Its week 5 of the WEEKLY HABIT CHALLENGE. if you have been following the simple, easy way of changing your lifestyle then I believe you’ll be seeing results by now. I’ve loss 5 lbs this is 2.2kg in 7 days.

This week is all about finding ways to beat or eliminate late night eating. Imagine having breakfast
in the morning, lunch and dinner and by 9pm or 10pm you are sitting in front of the television watching a movie or a show, then the commercial break comes and you see yourself heading to the fridge or cupboard to get something to eat.

There is something known as the Night Eating Syndrome, according to research it affects 27% of obese people, it is associated with depression, stress and other health problems. If you eat late at night in order to cope with stress then it won’t be a surprise if you keep gaining weight.
Once its 6pm, nothing enters my mouth apart from water but sometimes when I can’t cope, I can take a serving of crackers or apple just to shut up the body.

Why are you eating late at night?
It is very important to identify why you eat late at night, is it because you are hungry, stressed or bored? When you must have identified why, find smart ways to stop or reduce this.
Tips on avoiding late night eating

  • Keep healthy snack in the fridge.
  • Portion out your snacks. Portion control is the secret of losing weight and keeping it off. keep unhealthy snacks out of your reach.
  • Eliminate problem snacks. If your weakness is chocolate, it shouldn’t be in your home. If you love biscuits and you think that you have the will power to keep it at home and still not eat it, you got to be kidding me.
  • Take a hot bath
  • Do little exercise before going to bed
  • Do something different.


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