Losing Weight and Losing Fat – HEALTH & HEALTHY COMPLETE LIVING
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Losing Weight and Losing Fat

Losing Weight and Losing Fat

Lose weight, lose fat……………………
Do you know its possible for two people of the same weight and height to have different body fat?
Do you know that you might be losing muscle as well as fat?

Most people think of weight management all day….you name it. Each morning you get on the scale, the number on the scale may as well determine your mood for the rest of the day….True or False?  Some people are moving around with hidden fat that the scale will not show.

So what is your body fat percentage?
At 308 lbs /140 kg my body fat percentage was approximately 58%.
The body is made up of  fat, bone, muscle including lots of water. Body fat percentage is the percentage of your weight which is made up of fat. So what is the other part called? it is called “lean body mass”.

The question now is what is the ideal body fat?
Well this varies in men and women, naturally women need more body fat compared men. like I said naturally but some women have conquered this…..and the consequences of a woman having very low body fat is lack of menstruation….I’m not going into details. We tend to have more body fat due to out breast and the fat around our hips.
BMI (body mass index) is not body fat percentage….
I popped into a health center the other day to check my body fat percentage, the first place calculated 33% and the second center showed approximately 28%. Well I’m going with the 33% because I believe I’ve more fat to lose. Now my goal is to reduce my body fat to 25% first before going lower. Some body scale can measure body fat percentage but if yours doesn’t just click on the link BODY FAT CALCULATOR to check yours.

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