Accountability Check: Day 15 – 23

Accountability Check: Day 15 – 23

I’ve been accountable, eating yummy healthy foods and working out. I did rest on Sunday and Saturday, with weekend cleaning and cooking I barely have time to workout besides my body need time to rest. Yesterday I was so very busy I ate only twice….breakfast and lunch, bad… I know
For some reason I now find 30 days shred boring, I don’t know why but its just not doing it for me. I’m not saying it doesn’t work, maybe cause I’ve done it over and over. I intend giving it a long break before picking it up again.
I have been enjoying my fruity yogurt and its simply delish…..see picture below
kiwi, plum,banana,pomegranate and yogurt wit peanut butter
kiwi,plum,banana and boiled peanut (weird but delish)

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