As a Nigerian, food is very important in our culture. Nigerian cuisine consists of food items from various (hundreds) ethic group which made up Nigeria, flavors, herbs, spices,  hot chili, colorful and exciting foods.

I’ve always loved the kitchen and my mum made us watch her while she cook. She will tell us stories about food and everyone would gets excited giggling and longing for whats in the pot. At an early age, I cooked a delicious pot of soup but then I forgot to add palm oil in the process…it still came out nice…well so they said.

I love cooking and I express myself sometimes through cooking. Cooking brings out the creativity in me, it is the act of drawing out different ingredients that make up a meal while thoughtfully combining and understanding the role these ingredients play in bringing a dish together.

I can get bored of studying or watching movies but not with cooking because it gives me this feeling of unending adventure and  relaxation at the same time. The most important achievement in my weight loss journey is that I’ve managed to balance my love for food, eating habit and weight.

Before I ate uncontrollably but now I eat sensibly…….


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