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Self Saboteur

Self Saboteur

Imagine working out so hard, eating healthy and everyone sees your body is changing and the next thing you are thinking “I have done excellent” therefore it is okay to eat a bowl of ice cream or deep fried chicken. Hello….I’ve been there, done that and believe me the aftermath isn’t a wonderful feeling rather you end up feeling like a crap. Deviating once in a while only means we are human, don’t constantly sabotaging your efforts and progress.

Here is an example: you eat healthy from Monday to Wednesday then off you go on Thursday and you are back eating healthy Friday then weekend is off again. This cycle will only take you back to where you started.

You might think that because you’ve loss 50 lbs that you can lose any small weight that comes with over indulging, if you are wise then you will know better that weights creeps in slowly. I’ve 2 kg to get to my goal but it’s taking me forever to lose considering I’ve loss 73 kg in total. If you gain those weights back, you won’t lose it so fast. Ask those that have lose the weight and gained it back, it is harder than the first time because your body will fight you all the way. There is a probability that you might remain that fat for a longer time; you might even still end up depressed and repeating the eating cycle.

Sometimes I tell myself that I’ve done so great and my mind keeps giving me ideas of what to eat and am telling myself that by next week I will be back on track… I’m in control (yeah right). The next day, I start gazing at other unhealthy foods and its a cycle begins then the struggle sets in.  I’ve struggled, failed and learnt from my mistake. If you can’t tell yourself the truth, I wonder how you can make changes. Making up for loss days in weight loss is not easy, re-evaluating your meals and workout.

To end this process of self-sabotage, identify a plan that works for your body and type of lifestyle, something sustainable. Example: if you drank only tea for weight loss, you might have to continue because the fear of eating a meal might put you back at the beginning; it’s your responsibility to figure out how to outsmart your body if you can. It’s all about what you can do; I know where my strength and weakness lies, no need lying about to myself.

After following a sustainable plan, then you’ve to understand that it is a lifestyle not show.  I can’t over emphasize on the importance of enjoying your meal. Boring food will make you crave till you give in, if all you eat is salad, watch it. Once I get bored I switch things. There are a lot of things to do with food,  just look around or ask, eating while losing weight shouldn’t be boring.
Another point is rewarding yourself with other things apart from food. We reward dogs with food and last time I checked we are human. I’ve bought items like bags, trainers, clothes etc. to reward myself for a good job. Got this bag from zara last week.


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