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No Excuse…..Get up and MOVE

No Excuse…..Get up and MOVE

I always get emails of people telling me they don’t have time for the gym or to workout. I know ladies, i mean mothers with 5 or more kids, bankers finding out time to workout be it at the gym or at home. I have a friend that workouts at work before coming home. The more the excuse, the more you pile on the weight. Effective fat loss needs both healthy eating and workout.
I don’t go to the gym yet I loss weight, the tools I have for effective home workout are:

  1. Workout dvd’s
  2. Skipping rope
  3. Set of dumbbell
  4. My laptop
  5. And YouTube videos
  6. Pedometer (for walking)
  7. Heart rate monitor

The ‘I don’t time to workout now sounds like a lyrics in my ears’, people just want to avoid the ‘work’ in workout yet they expect to get the same result that someone who workout get. Isn’t that unrealistic?
You don’t have time yet you can watch the television for an hour?
You don’t have time yet you can eat out or party? If you want that body, you just have to go get it. 
You don’t need an hour workout, 30 to 45 mins will do the job provided you have a healthy eating lifestyle. You can get a workout while watching the television, make sure you get at least 4 hours of workout per week and make proper use of that time. If you have a gym membership, utilize it well by engaging in intensive exercise, don’t go chatting in the gym..a lot of people use gym as a social gathering. Just don’t waste the time you don’t have. Stay motivated, this will help you a lot even when you don’t feel like working out.


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