My weakest link

My weakest link

I’ve not blogged for a while reason being that I’ve been busy. I’ve also been enjoying my food combination lately, with kidney beans, tuna and a lot of fresh veggies.
Back to the post …..What was it again? oh my weakest link…
My weakest link is what I have struggled with most in my journey; a weak link can be anything really like exercise, food, emotions etc. weight loss isn’t just about food and exercise, it encompasses a lot of things like emotions, thoughts about whether you can really do this, lose the weight, keep it off, whether to make it public etc. A lot of factors contribute to effectively losing weight and keeping it off. Factors like information, food, exercise, handling your emotions etc.
Food is the number 1 thing to tackle when embarking on a weight loss journey. Whatever you choose to eat in your journey soup, shakes, junks, healthy food, the truth remains that you must eat. I was in denial about what I ate when i was big. Those huge and little calories count and the truth is that overeating without any form of workout will make one fat. Overeating and working out after is double work.
I’m a serious foodie, I make up recipes, I love to cook, I love to eat but since my journey I have had to re-educate myself on how to enjoy and balance food while losing weight. I will never survive or effectively lose weight drinking only soup or shake because I know myself and being honest about it helps too. I always check what I eat weekly, sometimes monthly but I make sure I improve. I’ve fallen off times and times, self-sabotage and all, I’ve been there but I manage to pick myself up, look in the mirror and continue because it is worth it. My weakest link so far has been belvita breakfast biscuit, I can eat a whole pack in a sitting but these days I see it and I walk away.
Exercise: no matter how much diet or clean you eat you still need exercise. I started with skipping when I was 140 kg, it wasn’t easy but I had to move to see changes. Since I started my journey I have loved working out, the after sweat is just amazing. Exercise is good for increase metabolism and in firming the body, it make you healthier and younger too. If exercise is not your thing, start by taking 30 minutes walk to dancing then gradually improve, its all a process.  I struggled with cardio, I hated it a lot but i had gradually incorporate it into my workout because it is vital for fat loss.
Knowledge is power,  you cannot be deceived on what you know, tried and tested. I have read and researched about food, exercise, weight loss, you name it. I take my time in reading food labels and knowing what is in it. I don’t only check entire calories but per serving too, I check carb, salt, sugar and any foreign ingredients. Some people check calories and that’s it. Checking just calories isn’t enough, read the food labels, do some research about food, healthy eating and weight loss. Equip yourself well for the journey because believe me you need it.
What is your weakest link? Try and find out and gradually balance it with other things. Mine was belvita, I don’t buy it but sometimes I still do eat it but to be safe, I don’t just buy it. Right now, as am writing this post there are some in the house, my aunt bought them strange enough am not moved. Achieving anything is possible once you put your mind to it and work hard.
It not a days job conquering your weakest link, its a gradual process that needs patience, determination and change in lifestyle to achieve. You might not been there now but believe me, with more work you will get there. I’ve tried general motor diet but lasted only 2 days because i miss my cooked food. Any diet or weight loss process that makes me live on only fruits or veggies won’t work for me because I love food and will end up binging.

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