8 Week Challenge: Success Stories with Photos – HEALTH & HEALTHY COMPLETE LIVING
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8 Week Challenge: Success Stories with Photos

8 Week Challenge: Success Stories with Photos

Friday marked the end of the 8 week challenge, its wasn’t only about losing weight but changing those habits that we feel are bad for healthy living. Here is a review of the 8 weeks challenge by some participant


I was 103 kg when I started the almighty 8 weeks challenge, the best decision of my life. I’m proud to say I have not weighed 98 kg in a long time. I was stuck with 3 digits for like 10 years now but
the 8 weeks challenge changed my life. Now I’ve finally ported to 2 digits which was my goal before starting the challenge.

I’m not really a foodie, but I love my carbs, especially rice 🙂 but I learn from Nate, Google and other weight loss blogs on how to substitute normal food for healthy ones. I cut down my rice to once a week; I also learnt how to make use of little oil 4 cooking and how to make oil free meals too. I made oatmeal, fruit, veggies and beans my best friend and cut down on soda, I only take it when I go to friends place or market to boost my sugar because I do have low blood sugar sometimes. I eat everything but in moderation, I also use measuring cups for portion control. I tend to stick with eating 1100-1300 calories maximum daily.

Hmmm…..not really a pro when it comes to exercise but I love walking and dancing. I brisk walk 40 mins and dance for like 10-20 mins, 3-4 times weekly. I use exercise dvd’s like Lesley Sansone walking the mile, its made 4 obese peeps like me :). I also try to modify my squats, plank, sit-up etc.

I  loss 5 kg total in 8 weeks ….happy and still going to get to my ultimate goal.


My name is Debbie Ndubisi. I am a Pharmacist and I work with a Pharmaceutical Company as a Medical Representative. I have 2 kids and I have always been conscious of my weight. But I got discouraged because I set unrealistic goals like losing 10 kg in 1 month. I gained so much weight that I became a size 16 from a size weight increased to 82 kg. Everyone talked about my new size. Some joked, some were downright sarcastic, some called me for small tete-a-tete and some laughed (especially my plus size friends).My Ex came 2 see the kids on the 15th of May n he did Yokozuna dance for me, we all laughed but it got me, so I picked up my rope on 20th May.

I started skipping 10 min every day and eating d same way I use to eat. I was just maintaining d 82 kg. I had done that 3 weeks without any change at I started surfing d net for help because I was getting discouraged. I got sites that gave me Info on gym workouts but I needed something on foods, Nigerian foods and Indoor workout. That’s when I found my big fat weight loss on BB appworld. I joined the 8 weeks Challenge in 2nd week. I increased my skips to 20 min (about 1400 skips) and then to 30 mins (2100-2400 depending how fast I skip).I also Downloaded FitnessPal. I was given a Calorie goal of 1200 daily which increases to 1500 when I work out.

On Nate’s advice, I started eating fruits, oatmeal or wholegrain cereals with Skimmed meal for breakfast, carbs, vegetable and protein for lunch and fruits or cereals for dinner. I check d Calorie content of everything I eat on Fitness Pal. In 7 weeks that I joined 8 weeks challenge I lost 9 kg, gone from 82 kg to now 73 kg. My goal weight is 65 kg. I’m still on the Journey but with what I have achieved I feel so good. At first I set a goal of losing 16 kg in 2 months but after reading Skinnymi blog I’m content with losing 1 kg a week though when I work harder I lose 3 kg in 2 weeks. Now my Goal is to lose 16 kg in 6 months then I’ll workout to maintain the lost weight because if I don’t then I’ll be back to where I started from.
Thanks Nate I couldn’t have done it without you.
Love you Loads n Loads. XOXO

Wow, success stories like this always make me cry, if you have never been overweight you won’t understand it. Look at Gloria for a example, see how her face changed in just 8 weeks, her body looks put together (if there’s anything like that…lol), amazing, amazing or is it Debby…..see the difference in those pictures…wow. I love that she understood what i meant by setting realistic goals that will last. Am so happy for you ladies….we can reach our goals by working hard and understanding this it is a gradual process not a quick fix…
Congrats ladies…..

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