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When I started losing weight/fat, the first 20 kg I dropped was through skipping but mainly walking. It was hard obviously, the panting, sweating and struggle over took me but if walking was all it took then I didn’t mind walking 4 hours a day.
To be honest, when the scale isn’t moving down or no NSV and it’s not plateau I know why the weights are not dropping. What exactly are my doing wrong?
Answer: working out and still over eating.
You might have been in this situation, where your workout is perfect but you are not losing weight and you have not hit plateau.

You want the number one secret of losing weight?

I have heard 70% of what we eat can make use lose or gain weight.

SECRET: Weight loss is mostly about what you eat. At least that’s how I’m able to lose 76 kg and kept it off, I love food but I’ve managed to balance my meals and make them healthy.

You can lose weight without exercising but we all know the importance of exercise, increase metabolism, aids in losing weight faster, shapes the body and build muscle while losing fat etc. Don’t get it wrong because exercise is very important, but fixing our eating comes first.

This week has been so busy for me because of work, had event for almost 5 days. I stayed in a hotel that served what I will normally eat but in this case, it’s packed with oil and there is nothing I could do. I weighed in 64 kg when I left the house; by Sunday I will know for sure what the scale says…lol.
Advice: lets try and track whatever we eat for the next week which is the week 2 of our 12 week challenge, if you have to write it down please do. This is the only way to improve in your eating and truly understand why the scale isn’t moving and no NSV.
I started my weight loss with walking and skipping, if you are too big or sick to do hard workouts just start by walking, gradually improve to jumping jacks and skipping. It’s not a day work; at least I have been on it for 2 years and 9 months. If I did it, I strongly believe you can. With exercise the weight will come off quicker but let’s tackle our eating first and exercise will follow.

I encourage you to please start gradually and you will be happy you did.


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