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Week 3 to 6 Meal Plan

Week 3 to 6 Meal Plan


  • Eat in moderation
  • Utilize your measuring cups and spoons
  • Keep a food journal

Do morning exercises on an empty stomach. Eat your first meal of the day 45 mins to an hour later, if you have time only in the evening then worry, workout when you can. Each meal should consist of one serving of protein (about the size of your palm), a complex carbohydrate, and veggy (1 – 2 cup).

See food choices below.

  • Drink at least 4 litres of water daily, drink nothing but water or fruit infused water (fruits like lemon, cucumber, berries, orange, lime etc)
  • Try and stay off anything with white flour and excess oil
  • Use you measuring cup, it’s very important
  • Snack on fruits, seeds, veg and nuts but only 1 serving
  • Move, exercise for at least 45 to 60 mins daily 4/5 times a week.
  • Keep food journal: pen down everything that goes into your mouth
  • Sleep 7 hours at least
  • Eat more of complex carb ( click here for list of COMPLEX CARB)
  • Moderation is the key
  • Workout remains the same; the workout will run for 3 weeks before we move to another thing.

What to eat:

  • Any fruits
  • Any vegetable
  • Any complex carb (complex carb)
  • Eggs
  • Wheat bread
  • Oat
  • All bran, weetabix, fruit and fiber
  • Any beans (1/2 cup per serving)
  • Any rice (1/2 cup cooked)
  • Any unsalted nut (1 handful)
  • Low fat plain natural yogurt
  • Sweetener
  • Honey
  • Any fish
  • Chicken
  • Turkey
  • Lean meat
Foods to avoid
  • Full Milk, cream
  • Butter and margarine
  • Sugary spreads
  • Any food that contains white flour including bread, croissants, cereals, cakes, biscuits, pies, pastry, etc
  • Crisps and savoury snacks including salted nuts
  • Chocolate, sweets, jam and sugar
  • Processed foods
  • Alcohol
  • Coffee
  • Mayonnaise
  • Fizzy drinks and squashes, including diet versions

Breakfasts Ideas (be creative with what to eat)

  • Whole wheat bread with banana spread or peanut butter spread (go easy on the spread) with tea
  • 1/2 cup for oat and 2 tbsp. skimmed milk
  • 2 sticks Weetabix with 2 tbsp. skimmed milk
  • 1 cup all bran or fruit and fibre with 2 tbsp. skimmed milk
  • Egg omelette
  • Porridge oat or muesli can be topped with any fruit of your choice or natural yogurt or nuts
  • Fruit salad with oats: fresh fruit salad with some sprinkling of oats.
  • Yogurt with fruits
  • Smoothie: fruit or veggy.
  • Fresh fruit and yogurt
  • Mushroom on toast

Lunch ideas ( feel free to mix it up, just be creative)

  • Vegetable with either beans or lentil (1 cup cooked) and fish
  • Sweet corn salad with fish (you can use canned fish but remove the oil or water)
  • Vegetable salad with rice (1 cup cooked)
  • Sweet potato with fish with steamed vegetables
  • 1 cup boiled yam with veggies
  • 1/2 cup rice or beans with veggies
  • pearl barley (1/2 cup with sauce and protein)
  • buckwheat (1/2 cup with sauce and protein)
  • chapati  or wrap(1) with veg and protein
  • Tuna sandwich with whole wheat bread or buns
  • Chicken salad
  • Chicken or beef or seafood stir fry
  • 1/2 cup of cooked couscous with veggy and protein
  • Turkey burger

Dinner ideas (eat less carb for dinner, more veggy or light meals)

  • Fish pepper soup
  • Chicken pepper soup
  • Vegetable and fish
  • Salad and fish
  • Beans/lentil salad
  • Sweet potato (1 cup diced) with vegetable and fish
  • Tomato soup
  • Sweet potato soup
  • Carrot soup
  • Chicken soup


  • Salad or fruits (1 serving)
  • Low fat plain natural yogurt mixed with honey/sweetener
  • Plain popcorn
  • 3 Crackers
  • Handful of unsalted nuts or seeds

Drink Only

  • Water
  • Fruit infused water
  • Green tea or fruit tea

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