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A Race to live

A Race to live

Every race starts at some point, for me it started when my mum will cry while watching me sleep, she kept questioning herself why I’ve left myself go. Even then I wasn’t convinced I wanted to start this race, I was skeptical about the all thing. Will I fail? Will I succeed? How long will it take? But I love food, what will I eat? 
This race is not a 1 km run but a marathon- a long –lasting or difficult task or operation of a specified kind. I’ve been in this race for over 2 years, nearly 3 years to losing 75kg. Like me, you might be force to start this journey, pressures from family, friends, society or even your doctor but the honest truth is that the determination to stay and win this race is entirely up to you.  It’s a personal race; it’s not a relay whereby you depend of either the first runner or last runner in your team to win. Losing and winning depends on YOU.
This race can last a longer time than you think, mine lasted nearly 3 years. Some have won this same race in lesser time but you’ve to do it at your pace. Remember it’s a marathon …in most cases the first is normally the last and last the first but this race is not a competition. You are only running to be better not to push someone aside. However long it takes you would need some major determination to make it to the end, some have dropped along the way while others are still going and getting better. If you are about dropping just imagine the end result…. (Pause for a minute and think what it will feel and look like). 
In this same race, you will be faced with frustrations, disappointments and temptations. You will fall but make sure to rise and keep going. If you fall 7 times, rise 10 times, dust yourself and keep going. Practice makes progress…keep going. You will lose friends, you will also make friends but the most important thing is for you to understand why you must to run and finish this race. 
Don’t give up………………I believe in you


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