Sticking to Your New Year Resolution – HEALTH & HEALTHY COMPLETE LIVING
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Sticking to Your New Year Resolution

Sticking to Your New Year Resolution

According to statistics, losing weight is the number one ranked New Year resolution. But in reality, it’s the least accomplished New Year resolution.  We tend to break New Year resolution when we make them, so how do you stick to your resolution? Here are steps to effectively follow and succeed in your New Year resolution.
1. Set  Realistic Goals
The best way to get to your goal is setting attainable goals. Unrealistic goals will only create room for failure. Smaller goals sums up to huge success, example: setting to lose 2 kg per month is more attainable to setting 6kg per month. Huge goals will only lead to frustration and depression thereby causing you to quit even
before you start.
2. Plan, plan and plan
Planning is a better way of succeeding; an example of setting yourself up for failure is making a resolution on New Year’s Eve.  Last minute planning will only set your mind on a certain day. Plan on how to handle temptations, how to go on with workouts and meals to start with. Educate yourself on losing weight the healthy way. Keep a food journal to enable you stay on track.
3. Talk about it  or get a buddy
A way to stay on track is staying motivated and being accountable to a friend or family. A support system will go a long way in reaching your goal. Don’t keep your resolution to yourself, let it be heard that way those around you will help keep you in check.
4. Reward Yourself
Food shouldn’t be a reward, why? Because you are not a dog, dogs get food as reward. Instead of going for a pizza to reward yourself, buy something you will value. Example of things to reward yourself with can be a new pair of trainers, gym bag, workout clothes or even a lovely dress.

ADVICE: don’t beat yourself up, you will fall but make sure you rise. Bad days will come but it’s left for you to keep trying, do your best each day succeed. Stick to it, it will take a longer time to break those bad habits, just be patient and persistent. When you stop on the way, just start over. Never quit


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