Fasting and Weight loss

Fasting and Weight loss

A lot of churches in Nigeria are fasting, Some are engaged in 6am to 12 noon, 6am to 3pm and 6am to 6pm.  I’ve received a lot of emails on fasting and losing weight buddies and clients that:
  • They tend to eat a lot when breaking of fast
  • They are confused about what to eat without eating less or eating more
  • Some are adding weight in the fast
I’ve been in this situation, confused about what to eat after fast to sustain me till the next day, eating a lot during fasting and even adding weight. So how have I dealt with these? Here are some suggestions….
Breaking your fast
If you are on dry fasting, start by gradually drinking water or fruit infused water (fruits like water melon, pineapple or apple) I try not to do lemon or any acidic fruit because the feeling isn’t wonderful. I tend to feel serious tummy ache that lasts for like 20 mins.
After drinking water or fruits infused water, wait for like 10 mins before eating fruits. Then wait another 15 to 25 mins before eating real food, reason is, if you rush into food immediately you might over do it.
Worrying about eating less or eating more
What I normally do in order to avoid eating less is taking smoothies with nuts. Nuts are good but high in calories; I get my fats and more calories from nuts. Try blending peanut with your smoothies, or add cashew nuts to salad, eat them with fruits etc. when it comes to meal, I eat 50% carb, 40% protein and 10% vegetable. This does not include the veggies in my smoothie. In simple words: eat healthy meals that will keep you full till the next day but do not eat till you puke, it will only make you hungrier.
How to avoid adding weight during fasting
The answer is in the above but the most vital thing is planning your meal ahead of time. If you don’t plan then be ready to over eat or eat the wrong food. Hunger is no respectal of persons, so plan ahead.

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