Breaking the Weekend weight gain cycle – HEALTH & HEALTHY COMPLETE LIVING
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Breaking the Weekend weight gain cycle

Breaking the Weekend weight gain cycle

Can you relate to this? Having a successful weight loss during the week and a weekend of gaining more weight due to overeating.
Why is this common among dieters?
I’ve been here before so I’m familiar with the cycle. Monday starts with super clean eating with intense workout, this continues till Saturday morning when the scale reveals result of hard work. Once I’m off the scale, the brain starts craving for everything and I end up eating all I avoided during the week. That’s five days hard work down the drain.  Most dieters understands this cycle hinders weight loss and often leads to depression, lack of motivation and frustration yet they relive it.
Contributors of weekend weight gain are:
  • Eating too much calories example, switching from your daily 1200 calories to consuming 2000 or more calories for the weekend
  • Unconscious eating maybe in parties or when hanging around friends and families
  • Depriving yourself too much during the week can lead to serious craving, especially your favorite meals (example: depriving yourself burger during the week, and then grabbing McDonald burger over the weekend)

You already know where I’m heading, encouraging you to break the cycle. Don’t wait until Monday to start eating clean or weight loss program. Stop falling for the weekend trap. If you must lose weight and keep it off then learn to take it as a lifestyle not something with expiry date.

Treat yourself when you feel you deserve it but sensibly, treats shouldn’t result to guilt. See weekends as a normal day, plan your meal and stick to it.  If you have moderation in mind then you can eat anything you want. If you’re eating out with friends, make healthier choices such as eating salad without dressings. Don’t be scared to say No. It’s okay to have left overs, ask for takeaway packs.
Stay busy weekends by planning fun activities, go out, and meet new people. Respect your body, weekdays or weekends. Think more of fun weekends and less of food.


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