Green Smoothie Challenge Collaboration

Green Smoothie Challenge Collaboration

IMG_3550YemSmoothies ( BBMC-C0037E44D) and Fat Loss Buddies (BBMC-C0021926B) is collaborating on a 5 day green smoothie challenge starting 25th to 29th of May.
In a desperate attempt to lose weight  people go on various types of  awkward diets. Some of these diets are old fashioned liquid  diets which has been marketed as the easiest ways to lose weight. Experience and research has shown that these fad diets fail once the individual goes back to normal eating habit.
According, a successful diet is actually based on changing your lifestyle. The smoothie diet plan is an addition to a healthful eating plan. Instead of replacing your entire day’s worth of nutrients with one liquid, you may choose to replace a meal or two with a healthy smoothie. It isn’t recommended that you only eat smoothies all day for any length of time unless you are instructed to do so by your doctor. A realistic way of achieving great body, staying fit or changing from unhealthy to a healthy lifestyle can be summed up on eating healthy, exercising  and portion control For a sustainable weight loss journey that encourages you to living a better and healthier lifestyle, look at your current meals and decide on what you need to substitute for a healthier version. Eg: one smoothie or two smoothies a day then with a serving portion of one meal. So to help you get started on the healthy journey, we (YEMSMOOTHIES and HEALTH N’ HEALTHY) have put together a 5-day challenge of two smoothies and one meal a day.
What to Avoid For the smoothies avoid: added sugar and syrups that will add excess calories to drink. Stay away from whole milk, go for skimmed milk, unsweetened nut milk and avoid juice base smoothies (if you must use juice base, make sure its whole juice –like homemade juice not store purchased juice). Make sure you control the quality and quantity of your ingredients. If you are buying already made smoothies from vendors, make sure they offer all natural smoothies without added artificial stuff such as sugar etc. Subscribe to this blog so you can receive email once a new post is published.

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