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In Love with YOU

In Love with YOU

Written by a very good friend Amaka, she’s known as phabulouz. A wonderful, great and smart mum of three cuties. One thing I love about her is that she loves and appreciates herself. This is her take on loving you……

Today,its all about self appreciation. A lot of us know that weight loss is not exactly a walk in the park. It comes with so much highs and lows,laughter and tears,joys and sadness,strength and weakness.

Sometimes we put in all these efforts,fight the temptation that comes with all the “delicious” fatty foods, labour away in the gym or at home,and at the end of the day the results we see may not be at par with all d work we’ve put in. At other times we see them pounds dropping like its hot,then seizes all of a sudden (otherwise known as Plateau).

Sometimes we are doing so well with our meals only to fall temptation into taking that chunk of cake or one too many slice of pizza and then kick ourselves as we imagine it going straight to our waistline.

Other times we see an otherwise skinny girl/slim shady,be it a friend or a stranger,eating all the dreaded foods without any care in the world,and we ll be the ones worrying about all the calories.

Sometimes we may not get the much needed support from friends and /or family. But in all of these struggles,one should never over look the all important Self Appreciation. Its okay if the pounds are not falling off as expected, its okay if you cheat with your diet once in a while,its okay if you don’t get a standing ovation from loved ones,always remember that weight loss journey is embarked on only by the living. Take each day at a time. Only the brave make that decision and actually carry it out. Love yourself. Enjoy all the compliments when they come pouring in. You deserve all the happiness. Give yourself a pat on the back for any feat achieved,even the smallest of them all. Never loose focus and forge on. You have everything to gain. All you have to to lose is the pounds.


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