Boiled Vs Roasted Peanut (Groundnut) – HEALTH & HEALTHY COMPLETE LIVING
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Boiled Vs Roasted Peanut (Groundnut)

Boiled Vs Roasted Peanut (Groundnut)

Peanut or groundnut contains a lot of nutrients and there are various ways of preparing it but does it matter how it is prepared?
It can either be roasted or boiled. Also both methods have different nutrient and calorie content. Boiled peanut is very common in Nigeria and china.

According to research, if you are watching your weight boiled groundnut/peanut may be the best. 1 serving (1oz) of boiled peanut is just 90 calories and 1 oz roasted is 170 calories which is almost double the calories in boiled peanut. 1 oz of boiled peanut has 6g of fat compared to 14g of fat in 1 oz roasted peanut however they are both low in saturated fat.

Nevertheless, boiled peanut contains fewer nutrients compared to roasted peanut. Nutrients like vitamin E, magnesium, niacin and potassium loses half of its content in the boiling process.

If you had doubts, now you know better..



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