While some people may be happy that you’re losing weight, others are killing themselves with hate, they’re uncomfortable you’re finally taking control of your life. Some may have tried losing weight and failed, instead of joining you for support, they prefer to hate. 
The surprising one is when skinny people are hating because you are losing weight…seriously I don’t get it. Well, I guess they are scared that your beauty is becoming clearer. My guess, they’re scared of the competition.
 The truth is, they are responsible for their feelings and opinion, you might smile and tell them how your weight loss is going but they are dying inside and hoping you fail. My advice to you is to ignore them; everyone is entitled to their opinion about you whether negative or positive. Just don’t let them pull you down.
My haters are out from their caves, I wonder why it took them long to appear but the best way to handle them is to ignore their stupidity and small brain. There are people who only feel good when they bring others down. When you’re achieving your goals they are dying miserably in their mind, tearing themselves up and wishing you fail. You might not have gotten to your goal and there are getting very uncomfortable, they constantly remind you that you might become even fatter. All in the quest to make you to quit.
People are working hard, struggling to lose weight and all you see is that they are still fat…you have a small and fishy brain. Some will go around carrying rumors that others are using pills to lose weight. Please I suggest you buy the pill and stop making noise. Allow them to take their pills …it’s their choice not yours, stop taking medication for another person’s illness.
When I was obese, I get side talks from friends and extended family members. If you care to know keep reading my blog to find out. I know the problem with such people, they see you are making changes and taking control of your life and being discipline, something they wish they can achieve but have not. These set of haters are called BASEMENT PEOPLE, all they do is try to limit, slow and bring you down to their level. But BALCONY PEOPLE are those who will challenge you, grow with you, lift you up and take you higher. These people understand and appreciate hard work and recognize achievement.
Ignore haterz or love them if you can. Don’t hate them just ignore them and keep working hard …….

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