Simple Weight Loss tips

Simple Weight Loss tips

  1. 80/20 eater: in order for my meal to be fun and interesting, I make 80% of my daily meal healthy and 20% fun. This doesn’t mean I eat 20% of junk daily. According to Jillian Micheal, this will keep temptation off.
  2. Be positive: tell yourself that you can instead of always being negative. Every decision is a choice and being positive will help you be in control.
  3. Diversify your workout:  working different muscles at the same time ( that is cardio and strength training) will not only help you burn more calories but saves time.
  4. Get enough sleep: sleep is important in weight loss and management as it affects hormones responsible for how you burn or store fat as well as maintain muscle. Balancing this hormone will enable better weight loss and management.
  5. Be wise when eating out: example, today after classes a friend wanted us to do lunch together. Each time she wants us do lunch, i refuse but today she was so pissed that i decided to go. We got to Locus Leaf, a Chinese restaurant after looking at the menu full of noodles and rice. I decided to order steamed veggies with roasted duck, it was delish and I was able to control both oil and sauces. You can do the same when you eat out, don’t be scared because you are paying for it. Tell them what you want, you can also divide the meal and take the rest home.
  6. Eat lean meat:  it helps keep you full longer and it also it contains amino acids which helps in building muscles. Lean meat such turkey, fish, chicken, duck, crab, kidney etc.
  7. Pack your snack: packing your snack on the go always helps. Because you don’t know when hunger will strike (hunger has no respect). I have realized that I tend to make unhealthy  choices when I don’t plan my meals or snacks. I pack almond nut with apples when am on the go.
  8. Drink enough water: it will not only curb hunger but boost your metabolism by 3%.
  9. Keep your house clean of all junk food especially those food that you are still struggling with. its better not to buy them than tempt yourself unnecessarily keeping them at home. I always fall for belvita breakfast biscuit so I don’t even dare buying them.
  10. Keep healthy food at your reach: when am studying or watching movies I tend to leave a bowl of orange or clementine close to me just in case my mouth starts searching for what to eat.
  11. Be wise on cheat days: make sure to ration any junk you want to eat during cheat days, don’t just put your mouth to it. Don’t buy junks in bulk even if they are cheaper in bulks, buy only 1 serving that way you are only going to eat 1 serving.

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