Soursop and its benefits

Soursop and its benefits

Soursop is packed with vitamins and other healthy ingredients such as Vitamin C, Vitamin B 1,  Vitamin B12,  Calcium,  Iron,  Healthy fats,  Protein,  Healthy carbohydrates,  cholesterol free and low in calories
Some of the traditional treatments include: Soursop fruit seeds are used to treat vomiting. Soursop leaves are made into a poultice and used for treating skin disorders. Soursop fruit pulp is applied directly on wounds to help speed up healing. Soursop root bark is used to treat poisoning. A leaf tea or decoction applied topically is used to get rid of head lice and bed bugs. many people claim soursop may be an effective treatment for cancer.
Culinary Uses for Soursop Fruit
-It can be made into juice
-Used in baking cakes, biscuits and pies
-Used in making ice cream
-Lovely combo with mango in ice cream, smoothie or juice

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