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Lose weight and Keep it OFF

Lose weight and Keep it OFF

Weight loss options and answers: 
a)Lose weight fast and gain it all fast: Starve yourself, go on crash diet and don’t exercise
b)Lose weight and regain it after plateau: Do cardio without strength training
c)Lose weight, keep it off and be shapely (toned): Healthy eating with sufficient rest, more strength training and less cardio

From above, you have seen various ways of losing weight. You can choose any method you want but I don’t believe anyone wants to lose weight and gain it all back (my thought).¬†Ladies don’t be scared of training with weights, you can’t be like a man unless you train harder (like spending 5
hours in the gym) and consuming a lot of proteins.

If you want a lasting result, eat healthy, less cardio and more strength training to build muscle because muscle is what burns calories. More muscle means you can burn more calories even without doing anything. Starving yourself and doing only cardio will definitely help you lose the weight but keeping it off might be a struggle you could have avoided or reduced.

There are various ways of building muscles without weight, such as doing squats, push ups, lunges but adding weight will go a long way in achieving a quicker and better result. I love using heavy weights because I get the feeling that am truly working out, go for heavy weight if you can. It’s better to feel the workout than wait for 2 months to feel like you are using weights. Confuse your body to get better result, the body can easily adapt to what you do so constant changes and modification will help when you hit plateau.

Weight loss is not easy even for those taking pills or starving so why not do it the healthy and fun way but eating healthy, working out and getting enough rest/sleep.


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