Before You Start

Before You Start

The challenge is starting and everyone seems to be excited about it but if we must do this lets try and get it right from the start. The steps am about to discuss are very vital in starting and achieving a successful result through out this challenge and in healthy living generally. Lets get it right by following these things, I’ve posted them before in my blog but we don’t seem to get it.
I get a lot of emails asking how to lose weight, some are worried that even with their changes in eating they are not losing weight and when i send them links to read, they come back asking the same question that has been explained in detail on the post. I try my best to help a lot of people but I need help too, please if I sent you a link, relax and read it properly. The answers are all in this blog, all we need it little patience in reading the blog…thanks for understanding.
Back to the topic….please read this thoroughly. These are the A B C’s in losing weight or changing your eating habit.
1) Replace Sugary Drinks with Water or fruit infused water : energy, soda and sports drinks are easy and major ways of loading calories without knowing. Excess calories equals weight gain no matter how hard you work out. Avoid these no matter how healthy they make it appear, they are all suspects rather stick to water or add fruits to your water for a different taste. You can add lemon, water melon, oranges, apples, strawberries etc
2) Eat more vegetables than your meal, you can start your meal by eating a bowl of salad. Vegetable are packed with nutritious benefit which are vital to the body. While some people pop pills to get all their body requires to function well, others get these from vegetables. Eating veg before meal helps curb your appetite from eating too much.
3) Go for Low Fat Dairy Products: am sure there are nutrients in low fat dairy products as in whole ones. products like low fat yogurt, skimmed milk etc are far better than full ones.
4) Go for whole unrefined grains: avoid refined or white grains, lets do out tummy a favor by eating better carbohydrates with more fiber like whole wheat bread, brown rice, barley, oatmeal etc
5) Get in good fat: fats from fish like omega 3, fats in avocado, nuts are very important in diets.
6) Swap red meat for whites but if you must eat red meat choose lean meat (meat with less fat:10% fat and 90% lean). Sea food, meat, poultry, peas, beans, eggs, seeds and nuts are sources of protein.
7) Reduce sodium intake: this is typical of most canned meals, they are packed with hidden sodium. High sodium content in food will hinder your weight loss. Sodium is salt just in case.
8) Read food labels: don’t just rush to calories in food, read the entire nutritional details  checking sodium, sugar, fats, carbs etc. most times its not all about calories. You might see a meal of 200 calories with 49% of its calories coming from fat…these are things to look out for.
9) MODERATION: its in capital, no matter what you are eating, eat in MODERATION. Don’t say because its fruits, I can eat as much as i want…NO you can’t.
10) Plan your meals, if you don’t you will end up ending whatever comes your way especially when you are hungry.
11) Workout: this comes after you must have fixed your meal. What you eat comes before workout because you can workout all you can but if you don’t sort your meal out…..that fat ain’t coming off.

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