Why you are not losing weight – HEALTH & HEALTHY COMPLETE LIVING
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Why you are not losing weight

Why you are not losing weight

You might have tried over and over and you’re beginning to think you can’t lose weight. Maybe your weight keeps going up and down, you lose and gain. It’s important to understand why.

Hindrances to effective weight loss

Setting unrealistic goals: this can cause you to gain weight, when you set unrealistic goals achieving it can be very difficult and leads to stress, depression and demotivation. Take your time and set out goals both short and long term goals. Smaller goals will help you achieve huge goals; weight loss should be gradual not hurried.  Realistic goals will help you stay motivated throughout your journey because you will see results. Don’t go setting to lose 20kg in 2 months, depression will set in. Excuses: like ‘I don’t have time’, this is very common among people trying to lose
weight. You don’t eat well or exercise because you don’t have time. If you don’t have time now, you won’t have it later. If truly you want to lose weight, you have to find the time. Plan and management every single time you have, use your pen and paper and set your priorities straight.Wrong diet: most of us choose diet because they worked for someone or maybe what we read. What worked for A might not work for B, this is because their food preference and lifestyle might differ from yours. Understanding your lifestyle will help you identify the best weight loss plan. For example, myself: I love food and I knew that following a diet that prevents me from eating what I love will not work for me. so I just ate healthy meals, make unhealthy meals healthy so I can enjoy food while losing weight.

Move: moving at every opportunity will help you burn more calories than instead of sitting down all day (like sitting at a desk or lying down). Increase your activity, if your job makes you sit all day try moving at every opportunity. Climb the stairs instead of using the lift…just move, do something. If you are working out both gym and at home make sure to utilize your time well, leave your phone and move away from distractions. If you go to the gym get a heart rate monitor, the readings are more accurate than what machines in the gym reads. You might think you burn 400 calories in 30 mins when in reality you are burning only 200 calories.

Stop self-sabotage: don’t spoil your hard work or efforts by rewarding yourself with food; it will only cause you to gain weight. Plan your meal even if its cheat meal. Planning helps keep us on track.

Search for support: you will only receive if you ask, so ask for help when you need one. Isolating yourself will break you down; seek support from family and good friends.

Secret eating: you might think you count calories but do you know that the food and snack you nibble on counts. Those food you pick from your kids plate or while cooking, utilize calorie counting/tracking app like fat-secret, fitnesspal or just use Google.  To ensure accurate food measurement, use food scale or measuring cup and spoon. Don’t assume you eat little because in reality, you might be consuming more than you actually need to.

Watch it: too much healthy food can make you gain weight be it fruits or veggies. Read nutritional details on food packs don’t just assume that because it is written organic that it’s healthy. Start by reading per serving then the entire label. The so called healthy tag meal/snack might be making you gain weight.

What you put in is what you get: if you put in little effort you will get little result. Even with the numerous weight loss pills out there, weight loss is not easy. However, it can be done; people are losing weight daily, in fact every minute. Don’t let the difficulty of losing weight get the best of you. Instead of giving up, set smaller and realistic goals that can be achieved. It doesn’t have to on the scale but also non scale victories like lose pants or fitting into an old jean. See it as a gradual process of taking back your life and appreciate every little progress


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