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Welcome to the months challenge, this is for those willing to work hard to drop a dress size. It doesn’t promise you 10kg loss but a dress size- that is if you stick to the place without self-sabotaging yourself.

Here’s how it will go:

I’ll provide you with high intensity workout plan that you can comfortably do at home, you can also choose any cardio you want as long as you’re getting in 45 to 1 hour workout. The workouts will have two options:

  • Total body weight workout or
  • Dumbbell workout

There will also be meal plan to guide you. The only way to succeed is by sticking to the plan.

There is not quick fix to losing weight or staying fit, it’s a gradual process if you want your sanity. Moving from one fad diet to another will only lead to frustration and failure.

Some of us have some pounds we want off, maybe to fit in a smaller size dress or jeans. As a baker, confirmed foodie and nutritionist I eat what I bake because they are healthy with no sugar, flour and butter. I constantly seek healthy ways to enjoy what I love. Fitness isn’t about being perfect, forget all the pictures people post on instagram , facebook or twitter, we fall and rise. Forget the jumping up and down, difficult workouts and show off, we all started somewhere. At my heaviest, I dare not try burpees or some high intensity workout because I wasn’t on a suicide mission. Give yourself time, it’s a process, don’t be scared or demotivated. I started from skipping 10 at once to 500 now, so calm down when you see all the jumps.

On planning and sticking to it, it can be difficult sometimes especially when one is busy or stressed. I’ve fallen off plans time and time, busy lifestyle, work etc. again, its not about being perfect, sometimes sit down and get it together. Make conscious effort, ask yourself what you’re eating and why. I’ve developed the habit of carrying fruit and nut around (mostly apple and almond), this saves me from buying anything when hunger strikes. We can make all the excuses in this world but in the end, if you want it- PUT IN THE WORK. The ones I hear most are:

  • No time
  • No money to get into a weight loss problem
  • I’ve tried everything

You might be busy but busy people are taking back their lives. No money to kick start/purchase a guide (meal plan) or consult a nutritionist but you’ll buy the most expensive lace, asoebi, human hair and make up. I don’t understand how it works but it’s all about priority- what’s more important?

For those that have tried everything, here’s what will work for you:

Find food that you like, find healthier way of preparing them and eat them in moderation. This is sustainable unlike following diets with expiration dates. Whatever you do should be a long term thing so you don’t crash, balance you meals, get in good fats, proteins, carbs and vegetables.

Weight loss is different for individuals; some will be happier skinny while others curvy or thick. The size doesn’t matter, what matters is being healthy and fit.

Starting 1st April, commit to the challenge; let it be the start of your healthy journey. Stay true to the plan and avoid self-sabotage, this is something you can follow to achieve your desired goal even after the challenge.


  • Get a dress 1 size lower (e.g.: if you wear size 12, get/buy size 10 dress)
  • Take a picture of you wearing the dress, showing the back (unzipped). Picture must show full front and back.
  • Submit picture to : [email protected]
  • For hints and tips, follow me on: TWITTER, FACEBOOK, and IG using hashtag #30FITDAYS, BBMC: C0021926B
  • Post workout and food pictures with hashtag #30FITDAYS


A list of breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack options will be sent out midnight tomorrow 29th March to ONLY those who have subscribed to the blog. Feel free to choose any and be creative above it, make your meals simple.

  • Use less oil, salt and stock cube
  • No eating in front of the television- all you zee world fans lol
  • Drink at least 4 litres of water daily
  • No fizzy drink- don’t drink your calories
  • Use measuring cup, buy from baking section in the market

NOTE: Only those that are subscribed to this blog will get full meal/workout plan. For questions use #30FITDAYS on twitter and IG tagging me.

If you haven’t subscribed by tomorrow 11pm (29th March) I won’t be giving you special treatment.














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