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Those who are looking to get fit have a much better chance of being successful and sticking to their workouts when they have a buddy or partner. A good buddy helps you stay accountable with exercises or even sticking with your meal plan/diet. It can also increase your workout sessions or intensity. Most times, we develop deep connection with the buddy or buddies. Some goes from buddy to deep friendship, someone you can share special things with. 

I’ve a wonderful workout buddy, now a very good friend and sister. I remember how we connected. I put out a post on BBMC looking for a buddy and Ruth dropped a comment. First workout day was fun, it was more like a concert. Ruth moaned and kept screaming, my mom thought I’m killing her. My mom came out and couldn’t stop laughing. I stuck with Ruth because she had a goal and was willing to get to work for it. We motivated each other, did fun things and yab ourselves too. If Ruth isn’t screaming during workout, she’s about to faint but we kept going with more sessions and intensity. We learnt from each other and researched on health issues. She’s a good buddy


After a workout session


We went akara hunting after a long running session


I think Ruth fainted after a workout session lol

Looking to stay accountable on a fitness or weight loss journey? Try getting a weight loss buddy. Having someone who will support you at all times has proven to have successful impact in weight loss or fitness journey. If you’re looking for success/progress, you cannot just take up anyone as a buddy. Here are some tips on having a good workout buddy.

GOAL: find a buddy with same goal as you; you don’t want to be working out separately. E.g.: your goal might be to lose weight and theirs will be train for 5k run. This means while you’re lifting weight /cardio, they will might be doing something else, thereby defeating the reason of getting buddy (unless you don’t might). But having same goal and working out together increases the connection and focus between you two. Some people use workout/gyms as social thing. They have no fitness goal, they only want to meet people and have fun. Having same goal means will increase the chances of doing more workouts instead of just motivating you to come the gym. You’ll come to the gym YEAH, but what about focusing on the workout, making sure all reps are done and dusted?

LEVEL OF SKILL:  find a buddy with same or a bit higher skill as you. You don’t want it to be a client/trainer thing. You don’t want to spend the entire workout session teaching your buddy what to do. While it might be okay for you, you’ll struggle with attaining your own goal. Finding someone who is knowledgeable and understands the workouts, principles and forms will be beneficial for both parties. I get it we don’t know it all but find some with almost the same level of skill as you. Both of you can learn from each other and improve to be better. Remember, you’re looking for a buddy not a student.

LEVEL OF MOTIVATION: You can’t be the only one motivating your buddy; it’s a two-way thing unless it’s a client/trainer thing. It’s unfair if one person is doing the pushing, you can’t be receiving and not give back. This tip is very vital, you might want to change buddy if yours isn’t motivating you.

You can have more than one buddy; this helps if you want to try out other types of exercise such as yoga, swimming etc but remember you have a goal (that is if you have a GOAL).



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