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This is culled from my interview with guardian Nigeria.

Skinny, slimming, detox tea or whatever name its called is popular in the weight loss community all around the world. Its not difficult to see these pictures on social media a long side healthy meals all in the name of advertising. Truth is, people will fall for it as long as they don’t have to lift a finger to lose weight or stay trim. People abuse these tea and truth is, the tea is not beneficial  to the body in any way. The herbal ones are filled with so much laxatives that causes people to constantly poo after eating, thereby giving them the idea that they are losing weight. Such laxatives are buckthorn, cascara, dandelion, castor oil, senna, rhubarb root etc

This is how laxatives works – it allow you to quickly lose water weight by increasing the frequency and size of bowel movements. Laxatives works in different ways, depending on the type you’re drinking they can trigger the intestinal muscles to form contractions, enlarge the stool by absorbing water to stimulate the bowel, and more. Since laxatives are a main ingredient in many slimming teas, prolonged use introduces a slew of health problems. Constant stooling as a result of taking laxatives will lead to malnourishment in an individual. One becomes dehydrated which prevents the body from absorbing vital nutrients. Over time the body will lose the ability to flush itself, meaning the person will rely on using laxatives for bowel movement. Truth is, you lose only liquid and not fat. Persistent diarrhea and abdominal cramps are common side effects. You may even die from drinking these teas.

In 2013, a Delta State-based Nollywood location manager, Chinedu Epeagba, reportedly died after a brief illness which was believed to have been aggravated by the slimming tea he consumed. It was said that shortly after he drank the tea, he was rushed to a hospital after he complained of weakness but his body did not respond to treatment.

Also, a certain lady Betty Kums in January 2014 died from effects of slimming tea. An autopsy report revealed it was the side effects of a slimming tea that took her life. This is how far people will go to lose weight.

I won’t advice slim tea. If its not natural weight loss then it has side effects. Honestly, weight loss is not easy; it involves a total lifestyle change from food to activities. There’s actually not a quick fix to it. I don’t believe there’s even an easy way to losing weight, be it slim tea, healthy living or surgery.

I believe the easier way is by eating portion controlled healthy meals and exercising. I did that for 2 years and 8 months and I loss a total of 75kg. Just go at your pace, take it easy, it’s not a competition. This weight has been accumulated over the years, it will take time to get rid of it.  Be patient and stay positive, believe you can, put in the work and get help when necessary. Do not go with the trend, if the plan is not what you can do for the rest of your life then don’t start it. If it has expiry date, walk away. Social media is crazy and has destroyed many people by just following and living with the trend. People will sell anything to make money. Some of these slim tea companies have used my before and after weight loss picture to market their products. If it works then why lie about your result.


  • Read food labels before buying them
  • Work exercise into your routine, stop seeing it as a punishment
  • Don’t start a diet with expiration date
  • Moderation is the key
  • Plan – use Sundays to plan your weekly meals, snack and exercise
  • Always have a fruit (in your bag), just in case
  • Get in some exercise during TV commercials (e.g.: 5 burpees, 15 squats etc.)
  • Know what you’re eating

Just like our slogan, ‘Eat well, Move more, Feel great, we believe in the wholesomeness of healthy living which is eating and moving for a better lifestyle. When I nourish myself physically and mentally, it also powers other aspects of my life – work, well being, and even relationships.


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