Author: Natachy

Porridge Yam

This is a healthier version of our original palm oil yam porridge. [recipe][wpurp-searchable-recipe]YAM PORRIDGE - Healthier yam porridge - yam or potatoes (chopped), kale or green vegetable (chopped), Crayfish (grounded), Onion (chopped), Fresh Tomoatoes (chopped), salt, Pepper, Stock cube, garic (crushed), ginger (grounded), dry fish (washed),...



Here are some wonderful lunch ideas  grilled ripe plantain, fish sauce, yam and vegetable mini tortilla, cheese and chicken (low carb/calorie pizza strawberries, seedless grapes, ginger, apples and mangoes mini wrap, spinach and grilled fish vegetable salad with chicken and homemade avocado mixed beans and vegetables salad and dressing baked chicken coconut sauce...


Walk Off the Pounds

I never considered walking a form of serious exercise until my mum loss 40kg walking and eating healthy. Healthy eating combined with brisk walking (fast paced walking) are effective ways of losing weight. According to Art Weltman, PhD, director of exercise physiology at University of...