Author: Natachy

Beware Of Diet Saboteurs

You might have heard lines like this: “You are doing so great” “You are looking too skinny” “Come on love, eat more I want some meat on my baby” According to research, knowingly or unknowingly, these people are trying to sabotage your diet. Almost all those that diet find...



So yesterday I weighed in at 177 pounds. I didn't lose or gain any weight. One thing I know is that I am no longer in that prison called fat. I am gradually moving away from it by the time you realize it, I will be jumping up. On Sunday,...


How to Increase Your Metabolism

Have you ever heard - I'm overweight because I have slow metabolism? Ok, what is metabolism? Metabolism is the amount of energy (calories) your body burns to maintain itself. No matter what you are doing, your body is constantly burning calories to keep you going, be it eating, sleeping,...


My Weight Loss Strategy

Routine! routine!! Routine!!!…………I hate routines, eating the same food every time, doing the same workout daily. I get bored doing same thing. The only way to lose the fat without depression over the rigid food timetable my mum gave me was to read, research and try...

The First Step

Going on this journey was something I never expected to do, although I tried couple of times with my sisters but failed. I tried starving but it never worked, I always see myself going back to the beginning.  As long as I can buy clothes that fit then that’s perfect. The thing about gaining weight is, you never realise the gains until you start buying bigger dress sizes. I kept telling myself size doesn’t matter but let’s face it, it does matter.
It was ending 2010, I came back to Nigeria wearing a whooping jean size 24/26. My mum was disappointed seeing me. Well like me, I couldn’t be bothered; as long as it’s my body then everyone else should mind their business. My mum kept making fun of my size, trying to see if I will get angry and maybe try losing some weight. That didn’t help, all I did was laugh at her jokes. She was surprise that nothing anyone said could get me to lose weight. I can remember telling her it’s in the gene; she agreed but asked me to try. I told her I will think about it which I never did and she didn’t give up on me.

The Genesis

OH dear, the word F…A…T. Every lady’s most hateful word when it comes to physical appearance. Well, I wasn’t bothered with the word F..A..T. My way of handling that was

“If am too FAT for you to stand, you can either deal with it or die saying it”.

Back to  how I got to 140kg 😫 to the point of wearing UK jeans size



I have been overweight for a long time and two years ago I decided it was time to change. Well, the decision wasn't  (lol) entirely mine. I was dragged into it but guess what, I'm loving it all the way. I have decided to write about my...