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Growing up, I was a skinny child and didn’t eat much. During my secondary school stage, my love for food, especially rice grew. I could eat rice all day then I had an accident that got me bedridden for 8 weeks. I gained weight and didn’t consider doing anything about it. I’m not blaming the accident; it was my unhealthy love for carbohydrate (rice) that I blame. My lack of discipline and information on how to stop got me to 308lbs (140kg) in 2010.


It was my mom’s constant talks and crying that made me want to try. She will cry at night, praying that I change. After one fateful morning cry, I decided to give it a try.


I started with an unrealistic meal plan. After a month, I loss 8kg, my pants were loose and I was a dress size down. It was time to move back to my base. Back to base and surrounded with junks and poor food decisions. It was decision time, few minutes’ yummy food or a healthier me? Well since I’m writing this, I made the right choice. But to succeed I needed a reasonable and sustainable strategy. Diet (food) and exercise must be sustainable; I researched, read blogs and tried out new things. I even took up a course in personal health and fitness. After 3 months, I knew exactly how to lose the fat. Eating controlled portioned healthy food and staying active. I bought skipping rope, a bench and sets of dumbbell and leg weight. I exercised, ate right and kept moving. I never looked back.


Two years and eight months and I’m 75kg lighter. I can run, exercise with so much energy. I’m in the best shape I’ve ever been. Over time I’ve developed a healthier relationship with food. Health and fitness is now a passion and I’ve turned it into a business. Helping people lose weight, educate them on food and also running a healthy bakery.


  • Read read read healthy magazines and blogs
  • Read food labels before buying them
  • Work exercise into your routine, stop seeing it as a punishment
  • Don’t start a diet with expiration date
  • Moderation is the key
  • Plan – use Sundays to plan your weekly meals, snack and exercise
  • Always have a fruit (in your bag), just in case
  • Get in some exercise during TV commercials (e.g.: 5 burpees, 15 squats etc.)
  • Cook your meals yourself, that’s the only way to know what’s in it

A Human Resource graduate turned Nutritionist. From personal weight loss to professionally helping others lose weight and keep it off. I’ve worked with over 2000 clients through my Losing -2- Live weight loss program. My passion has driven me into taking some courses of Health, Fitness and Human Nutrition.

When I nourish myself physically and mentally, it also powers other aspects of my life – work, well being, and even relationships. Today, I am on a mission to start a wellness lifestyle revolution. 

I love cooking and developing new recipes.  I occasionally cook on NTA international on their quick cuisine segment of the weekend digest.

I have packaged the things I have learned over the years into an online course, you don’t have to figure it out yourself. I have done that so I’m here to train and help more people excel in healthy baking business or lifestyle.

May 2018, I was honoured by WOMEN ON FIRE for ENTREPRENEUR of THE YEAR AWARD among other women. I believe in transferring knowledge to positively change other people’s lives. Education is the way forward and that’s what I’m out to do. This is my way of impacting lives positively, using my God-given knowledge and skill to affect my generation.