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Health & Healthy Complete Living focuses on bringing positive change to individuals and families. We also partner with employers to align strategy and solution by rewarding their teams with quality health based experiences. We offer both face to face and online total wellness services and our results have been sustainable over time. We help our clients in achieving their health and fitness goals the healthy way. We create a winning solution by ensuring that the relationship between us, our suppliers and customers are healthy.

Founded in 2013 is built on a passion for healthy living. It focuses on making those little changing to improve the general living; it’s about teaching and implementing. We are passionate about what we do, and we feel that it comes through in the quality and service of our products. Just like out slogan, ‘Eat well, Move more, Feel great, we believe in the wholesomeness of healthy living which is eating, moving and feeling better.

Eat Well (EE) – covers all food aspect of our daily living. This we do by providing healthy alternatives to junks, from food to portion sized snacks and other health related things. Most of products are locally sourced, thereby keeping farmers in business while helping grow the economy.

Move More (MM) – covers all exercise/activity-based aspect of our business. We believe in moving, the body for better circulation of blood and entire healthy living.

Feel Great (FG) – covers all advisory aspect of our business that bring together eating well, moving more and feeling great for a quality living to enjoy life. Health n’ Healthy is created to promote engagement in a healthy lifestyle. It’s a road to happiness and that journey should be exciting!


MEAL PLANNING: Free in-home food consultation with a free taste-test of your favorite meal. Offering bi-weekly, weekly meal plan services, catering to your long term specific healthful, dietary goals (be it weight loss, weight gain or any special need such as ulcer or diabetic needs)

PERSONAL HEALTHY GROCERY SHOPPER: As easy as writing a list… Call us and either email your grocery list or we can pick it up before we do the shopping at no extra charge. Together we will arrange a time for delivery, usually within 24 hours although some same day appointments may be available. We do the shopping according to your shopping list. We deliver the groceries to your door at our arranged date and time.

“Quality is not an act. It is a habit”… Aristotle

PERSONAL CHEF: Have your guests entertained with a personal chef preparing innovative dishes in the comfort of your own home. Dinner party services are ideal for afternoon, business corporate meeting lunches, formal family gatherings, bridal showers, surprise birthday’s, wedding anniversary. Personal chef service is personable for each individual specific to each guest most favored, for an exciting experience to remember.

HEALTHY INDULGENCE BAKERY: We provide customers with treats that are healthy and delicious with complex carbohydrates, low calories and also filling. When it comes to food, we don’t think you should have to sacrifice flavor or health. You can have both! The main sweeteners we work with are organic agave, organic dates and original stevia. We use the healthiest, high quality and natural ingredients. Each delicious bite of pure, taste-full bliss inspires you to pursue a lifestyle of total health and wellness! We take a variety of fruit, nuts and flavors and turn them into fresh classics of your favorite bakes…with benefits! Healthy Indulgence give you wholesome ingredients packed with nutrition essential to radiant health, Vitamins, Protein, High Fiber, Minerals, Antioxidants, Good fats and essential omega 3s and Vital, plant-based nutrients. We understand people are aware and picky (which is a good thing!). Healthy Indulgence will satisfy even the most challenging customers, whether they’re uber-health conscious and watching their weight. Delicious, elegant treats without the effort! No deprivation – only healthy indulgence. 

HEALTHY FOOD PREP SERVICES You want to eat healthy? Lets help you


Meals are delivered daily or weekly, as you want.

HEALTH SEMINARS AND WORKSHOP Discover How To Reverse Obesity/Overweight, Hypertension and Diabetes! Health n’ Healthy is created to promote engagement in a healthy lifestyle. We also partner with individuals and employers to align strategy and solution by rewarding their teams with quality health based experiences. Health n’ Healthy is a road to happiness and that journey should be exciting!

It’s never been about the gym or the workout…the lifestyle I crave and create is about the experience, finding cool new ways to challenge my body and mind, and sharing it with others.


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Eat well, move more, feel great!


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We believe in sourcing our produce from the best, quality and as natural and local as possible. All made and packaged in a highly safe and hygienic environment. We believe in providing our customers with the best products and services while improving lives through healthy living options. We recognize quality, excellence, integrity and passion in conducting our business while looking for best ways to improve.
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We strive to be known for our outstanding product and customer service. Here at Health n’ Healthy we work hard to make our customer needs our top priority. We also treat and hold our personnel at high value, we believe great customer satisfaction cannot be met without our the efforts of our personnel.
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Our long-term goal is to provide our customers with healthy, clean eating, quality and affordable services and products. We want to be a household name; we want to remain relevant in the health and food industry while helping individuals live a healthier life. For more information, contact us today.

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After consultation a qualified fitness coach will provide you with information regarding frequency, intensity and duration of exercise in order to attain your fitness goals.

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Because you are what you eat. Thats why, as part of your training package we analyse your meal and suggest healthier options to ensure you reach your goals. We consider value, how its made and portion.

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We provide customers with  healthy and delicious treats filled with complex carbohydrates, low calories and filling. When it comes to food, we don’t think you should have to sacrifice flavor or health. You can have both!

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